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Board cameras with dome enclosure is called as Dome Camera are mini cameras that feature a lens mounted onto a circuit board. Their size – sometimes as small as one inch by one inch - makes them well suited for security camera system applications where discretion is important. They are often used for covert security camera system monitoring and some board cameras even utilize pinhole lenses. The average hole size on a pinhole lens is 1/16” diameter. This is the only part of the camera that must be exposed in order for a picture to be obtained. There are two types of pinhole lenses – flat and conical. Conical lenses require a smaller hole and are often used in security camera system installations involving ceiling tiles, while flat lenses are better when the security camera system is to be used with thin material, such as clothing. The small size of a pinhole lens does have a slightly lower resolution than a board lens, which is usually ½” in diameter, thereby allowing more light to enter.

Two security camera system technologies are used for imaging in board cameras: CCD and CMOS. CCD stands for charged coupled display and it is also used for imaging in a fixed security camera system. The CCD converts light into electricity that represents picture information. Common CCD sizes are 1/3” and ¼”. 1/3” is currently the standard but larger sizes, such as 2/3” and ½” do exist. CMOS stands for Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor. It also converts light to electricity but CMOS offers greater integration of functions, allowing for smaller overall size, and can operate at lower power requirements. The tradeoff has been at the expense of image quality. With modern security camera system technology, however, lines have been blurred as CCD cameras have lowered their power requirements and the image quality of CMOS chips have gotten better.

Most Dome cameras are plug and play, allowing them to connect directly to a TV or VCR. They operate using an AC adapter or batteries as a power supply. Transmitter and receiver combinations are available that allow for wireless board security camera system applications.
Board Cameras are basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. These cameras are often used in mini cameras, dome cameras and for making hidden cameras but are also sold unpackaged, for mounting by the buyer.

Lenses in these cameras are either of a full opened lens or pinhole in which the opening of the lens is very small. Pinhole lens cameras are often called "spy" cameras and are most often used in making hidden cameras. All of our hidden cameras are examples of hidden board cameras.

Lenses in board cameras are pre-mounted and have a fixed iris. In most cases they have a short focal length (the distance between the surface of the lens and it's focal point) which results in a wide angle of view. Our board cameras have a lens between 3.6 and 6mm.
Because board cameras have some many fixed features they are limited to what they can be used for. However, they offer a low cost solution to security needs especially hidden camera situations.