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Gain indicates any increase or decrease in the strength of an electrical signal, often a wireless RF radio frequency signal when considering external antenna equipment. Gain is typically measured in terms of decibels (dB) or a number of times of magnification.

GB Gigabyte.

Genlock    a device that adjusts the frequency of internal sync to an external data.

GHz (gigahertz) is a measure of frequency. 1 GHz = 1000 MHz = 10,000 KHz = 100,000 Hz.

GUI Menu stands for graphical user interface menu. Products which feature GUI menus can be programmed with on-screen guides similar to a home television or VCR.

Gamma a numerical value used to express contrast levels in television pictures. A value of "1" indicates a linear characteristic. Less than "1" indicates a curve or less contrast levels represented by a softer looking picture. The standard for a CCTV camera is ".45" and for CCTV monitors is ".55".

Gamma Correction refers to the correction of linear response of a video camera image sensor in order to compensate for the monitor phosphor screen nonlinear response. Without gamma correction set to the inverse (exact opposite corresponding value) of the monitor's gamma, a video camera would not be able to provide a complete video image for a unified display. Gamma correction is measured with the exponential value of the curve describing the non-linearity.

Geometric Distortion the warped look of objects in a television picture due to erratic scanning of the electron beam in the picture tube or vidicon tube. A circle may look egg shaped or a straight line look like a curve.

Ghost refers to a poor image, where the primary signals is weak, allowing a secondary signal to interfere with the picture.

Grade A Chipset - CCD imager chips come in a variety of image and manufacture qualities, but grade A / 1st grade chipsets are always best. These types of CCD chips are made by the finest manufacturers in Japan and are only found in the BEST surveillance cameras. Because of their cost, the newest level of grade A chips are a minority in today's marketplace. Also, older grade A chips do not usually compare to the newest revisions and models. We carry cameras built with only the highest quality, and latest grade A CCD imager chips to bring our clients the absolute best image quality at an affordable price.

Grey Scale a pattern of vertical bars with shades of grey starting with white and gradually getting darker grey until ending at black. The pattern is used to test the ability of a CCTV camera to reproduce true white, black and the varying steps of grey in-between.